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Comfort, Security, Control and flexibility – with ABUS Mechatronic Locking systems. Thanks to the innovative code Input System on the CodeLoxx cylinder with combination code, you can enjoy a daily key-free life

ABUS locking systems

Better protection and control is a key point regarding the security of your building. With ABUS systems, turn your house into a safe and secure environment with a new comfort: a life without keys. ABUS offers a wide range of possibilities: code input directly on the knob (electronic cylinder), personalised transponder with individual access rights. You no longer need to be afraid of losing or forgetting your keys: ABUS Mechatronic systems offers an unequalled protection for your building with a solution adapted to your needs.

Sicherheit für Ihr Zuhause ABUS Seccor

Security at home

ABUS Mechatronic locking systems offer increased burglary protection directly on your door. Hardened protection components prevent the drilling of the locking system. Furthermore, these systems have no access to a locking mechanism (for instance through a keyhole): it is thus impossible to pick the lock.

Another asset in terms of safety: you can unlock your door with a code, no need to have a set of keys or to hide spare keys beside your door (under the doormat for instance). Burglars are aware of these typical key hiding places.

The convenience of a key-free life

No need to worry about your keys! ABUS allows you the luxury of a key-free life: Whether you go for a walk, do sports outside, or are just on holidays, you will simply feel freer with no key. Alternatively, if you wish, you can still use a chip or a key!

With this system, you have no reason to be concerned about losing your keys, being locked out, or similar situation, avoiding the costly intervention of a locksmith.

Der Komfort eines schlüsselfreien Lebens
 Kontrolle und Flexibilität beim Zutritt

Control and flexibility for your accesses

By installing an ABUS Mechatronic locking system, you are installing a smart access control system that can manage up to 511 different users. Depending on the system, you can grant access rights per person and define the days and hours of authorised access with the time profile option (for a cleaning maid for example). The CodeLoxx cylinder allows you to record or delete codes simply and quickly. For example you can give a code to your neighbours whilst away on holiday and remove this code as soon as you are back.

Our engagement

ABUS commitment goes beyond the product. Our partners are available for you, for instance if you need to plan a professional installation and to have support in this regards, or if you are looking for a competent long-term after-sales Service.

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CodeLoxx with combination code
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