EL entry unit (Art. no. 501624)

The EL entry unit from ABUS Security-Center signifies efficiency and performance. In spite of the compact construction and the discreet design, this wall reader opens up numerous possibilities in combination with the SG control units or the AE255F evaluation units. This enables the operation of electric circuits such as motorized locks, lifts or automatic doors to be controlled via the insertion of a valid ABUS Seccor chip key. The EL entry unit is also suitable for activation of electrical door openers.

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Input unit EL(T)

A classic use for the Input unit EL is the control of a door opener. This allows Access authorization to be assigned individually. Another Advantage is that Access can be recorded and evaluatedusing the control device. The various possibilities of use provide seamless Integration of the Input unit into existing ABUS Systems or other Systems (e.g. motorised locks, controls...) ...
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