WLX Mifare Desfire Transponder (Art. no. 506613)

  • Transponder for touchless opening of the wAppLoxx double cylinder
  • Robust and in ABUS Diskus design
  • Each transponder is unique and therefore read and write protected
  • In case of loss, user simply and easily blocked by app/browser

WLX Mifare Desfire Transponder (Art. no. 506613)

The contactless “key” for wAppLoxx
The read-protected Mifare Desfire EV1 transponder enables wAppLoxx double knob cylinders to be operated conveniently and securely: Just hold the stylish ABUS Diskus design transponder in front of the knob to feel the ease of opening with wAppLoxx. The robust transponder can easily be carried on the bunch of keys.

Small transponder, high level of security
Should the transponder become lost, it can be rapidly deactivated via app or the web interface of the wAppLoxx Control. Using the individual and clear numbering system, each transponder can be clearly identified. There is the option to train the cylinder for any number of different wAppLoxx locking systems.

Art. no.: 506613
Color: black

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Innovative access control. That's what the new wAppLoxx System delivers. It combines the advantages of a traditional access control system with flexible and smart online control via the web or an Intranet. Create and adjust locking plans, react instantly to events, open doors at the touch of a button and arm your alarm system: you can now do it all from the comfort of your home/office or from anywhere on the go. An app even makes it possible ...
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