Secvest for the day-to-day security – fast assistance in emergency situations

The Secvest alarm system does not “only” protect you from intruders! As a danger alarm system, it provides comprehensive protection against the dangers of everyday life. Unexpected emergencies, break-ins, medical emergencies and serious accidents at home are not only a threat to elderly or ill people, but also to children and families. Victims usually have no way of quickly and simply calling help.

Help at the touch of a button
Alarm via alarm panel

Help at the press of a button – wherever you need it

Whether fast or discrete: With the emergency transmitter, panic transmitter or panic alarm button, you can call help at any time. Installed inconspicuously in bedrooms, entryways or below the store counter, you can call help discretely with the panic alarm button. On a neck band, belt clip or arm band, you can take the transmitter with you anywhere in the house. If need be, you can easily and quickly call for medical assistance, alert relatives or contact a monitoring station.

Sound the alarm through the alarm panel – quickly reach the right contact

Using the emergency buttons on the alarm panel, you can send a call for help to the appropriate telephone number (monitoring station, doctor, care provider, etc.) at any time. You receive expert help in case of an intrusion, fire, medical emergency or acute need for assistance.

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