Secvest GSM Module (Art. no. FUMO50001)

  • Designed for voice and data connections
  • Enables a second method of message transmission
  • Ideal for buildings without a telephone connection (e.g. holiday homes)

Secvest GSM Module (Art. no. FUMO50001)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

Offering a second method of transmitting alarm messages
The Secvest GSM module is an optional accessory for the Secvest wireless alarm system. It provides a second optional method of transmitting alarm messages by transmitting voice messages, monitoring station protocols and text messages via the mobile phone network. The GSM module is an especially practical choice in buildings without a telephone connection, as the analogue dialling device integrated in the Secvest wireless alarm system needs a functioning landline to operate.
Simple to use via SIM card
The GSM module is a small, powerful module that is easily inserted in the Secvest alarm panel (FUAA50000 / FUAA50010). To send voice messages, (monitoring station) protocols or text messages to a monitoring station or private telephone connection, the module only requires a SIM card to be inserted.

Art. no.: FUMO50001
System requirements: Secvest Software >=2.00.00
Radio frequency 2: 900 MHz
Radio frequency 3: 1.800 MHz
Radio frequency 4: 1.900 MHz
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 63 x 14 x 40 mm
Connections: MMCX 50 Ohm
Width: 63 mm
Radio frequency: 850 MHz
Transmission power: EGSM 850 Class4/2W, EGSM 900 Class4/2W, EGSM 1800 Class1/1W, EGSM 1900 Class1/1W mW
Height: 14 mm
Communication: Micro SIM 1,8V / 3,0V
Length: 40 mm
Max. operating temperature: 40 °C
Max. humidity: 75 %
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Installation location: Motherboard (FUAA50xxx)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x GSM module
  • 1x GSM antenna (ca. 300 cm cable)
  • 1x Installation instructions and user guide
  • 1x Mounting material


Required accessories:

Secvest Wireless Alarm System


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