Secvest Key O:30/I:30mm (Art. no. FUSK53030)

  • Activation and deactivation of Secvest alarm panel
  • One-button operation
  • Acoustic status notification
  • ABUS Wavy Line Pro quality cylinders with patented profile rib and locking ball
  • Available in a variety of lengths (outer/inner dimension)
  • It is possible to adapt knob cylinders made by other manufacturers

Secvest Key O:30/I:30mm (Art. no. FUSK53030)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

Activation and deactivation at your fingertips
The Secvest Key is a wireless cylinder that automatically deactivates the alarm system when disarmed, remains active while the system is disarmed and provides a feedback tone indicating the alarm system status. Easy operation at the touch of a button Once the wireless cylinder has been taught into the alarm system, convenience is ensured, as "unlocking the door" is all it takes to disarm the alarm system. To arm the system, simply press the button on the doorknob before closing the door. If this button is not pressed, only the door will be locked and the system will not be armed. Safety meets convenience The ABUS Wavy Line Pro cylinder profile delivers premium security. The coded profile rib with a locking ball also protects the door from manipulation attempts (e.g. picking). Thanks to upright key insertion and reversible key technology, locking up using the stable,well-designed key is always easy – regardless of the way in which it is inserted into the cylinder.

Art. no.: FUSK53030
Knob dimensions: 55 x 42 mm
Cylinder dimensions: Euro cylinder: 30mm inside, 30mm outside mm
Battery type: 3V CR2 lithium battery (FU2990)
Radio frequency: 868 MHz
Transmission power: 10 mW
Housing material: ABS
Max. battery life: 1 year(s)
Max. operating temperature: 55 °C
Max. receiving range (outdoors): 100 m
Max. receiving range (building): 30 m
Max. sending range (outdoors): 100 m
Max. sending range (building): 30 m
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Net weight: 0,1 kg
Voltage monitoring:
DC voltage supply: 3 V
Environmental class: II

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Wireless cylinder
  • 3x Key
  • 1x Installation key
  • 1x 3V CR2 lithium battery (FU2990)
  • 1x User manual

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Secvest Key

The Secvest Key wireless cylinder is an optional accessory for the Secvest wireless alarm system from ABUS. It’s the first lock cylinder to automatically disarm the alarm system when it is unlocked and arm it when it is locked – while simultaneously signaling the status of the alarm system acoustically.<CRLF>The Secvest Key is available in different lengths fitting all DIN-normed mortise locks. Representing ...
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