Secvest alarm system: Protecting houses and apartments

The Secvest alarm panel provides you and your family with custom-tailored security and peace of mind. And all this with plenty of room for flexible solutions: For example, four parties can use a Secvest thanks to separate arming areas. The “burglar alarm systems” from the past have now become “danger alarm systems.” Water and emergency detectors can be integrated into alarm systems at any time and provide effective protection – not only against intrusion but also technical damage.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment – the Secvest is always the right solution.




Protecting your home – comprehensive protection from condominiums to mansions

Houses have a variety of weak spots that burglars gladly take advantage of. Numerous detectors provide effective protection of windows and doors. Professional, multifaceted interior protection rounds off the ABUS security concept. The Secvest home alarm system protects what is valuable to you and brings home the comforting feeling of security without disrupting your routine, with the utmost simplicity, around the clock.

For your apartment – the Secvest is your complete danger alarm system

Numerous dangers are imposed on apartment owners, but you can protect your rental apartment from break-ins, fire or water damage as well. Since you cannot lay cables there or make cables run in walls, the Secvest danger alarm system is the perfect solution. When moving, you simply take the wireless components with you to install them in your new apartment.

Another plus – home automation with the Secvest

Beyond everyday hazards, the Secvest alarm system can be integrated into the existing home electronics network and simplify daily life. All electronic devices in the house can be accessed via the switching outputs of the alarm panel. This enables you to simulate your presence in the house when you are in the office or on vacation.

How do intruders enter the apartment?

In apartment buildings, 54 percent of intruders enter through the front door – 46 percent through windows and balcony doors. Above the second floor, intruders enter almost exclusively through the front door.
In single-family homes, over three-quarters of intruders enter through windows and French windows.

Source: Cologne study 2006

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