GSM/PSTN Dialer (Art. no. AZWG10020)

  • Enables communication to and from the alarm system via landline/cellular network
  • Text and voice messages via landline (PSTN) and cellular communication (GSM)
  • Alarm and status messages to up to 10 stored telephone numbers
  • Redundant communication channel (PSTN/GSM) to maximize transmission security.
  • Remote access via telephone for worldwide operation when out and about
  • Integrated listening and speaking for simple on-site interaction
  • Inbox function for forwarding messages (e.g. prepaid credit)
  • Can be used independently of alarm system (building management system, industry)

GSM/PSTN Dialer (Art. no. AZWG10020)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

The dialer for voice and text messages acts as the link between wired alarm system and telephone. It receives system alarm and status messages and reads these out as voice (stored automated voice message) or text (SMS).

Silent alarm via telephone
In the event of an alarm, the alarm system can trigger sirens, for example, or sends a silent alarm via telephone. The silent alarm is forwarded to the telephone network via the dialer. 8 events are available via the wired inputs (e.g. intrusion, break-in, medical emergency, fire) each is assigned its own event text (SMS or automated voice message). In addition to this, a location message with general information (name, address) is transmitted.

8 messages to 10 telephone numbers – via landline or cellular communication
If the alarm is triggered, the programmed event text is activated and the message is sent to a maximum of 10 contacts Simultaneous transfer via landline or GSM takes place – as a second communication channel in the event of a network failure. The system recognises the prefix “0” for an outside line, so the call is always sent correctly if an external call is made from a telephone system with an external line.

Worldwide remote access, on-site interaction and inbox function
Remote access via call or SMS allows retrieval of status messages and device programming when you're on the go. Via the listening and speaking mode (microphone/loudspeaker) on-site interaction is possible, e.g. listening in on the property or talking through the loudspeaker. Practical: Incoming SMS are forwarded via the inbox function – e.g. credit running out on a prepaid SIM card.

Stand-alone operation, 4 output switches
The dialer not only processes alarm system signals via the wired inputs, but also from external devices. In addition it not “only” sends telephone calls, but also controls other equipment via 4 output switches – e.g. for building management systems or industrial use.

Art. no.: AZWG10020
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 150x115x30 mm
Connections: Screw terminal for PSTN and power supply
Number of voice messages: 8
Display: Illuminated segment display
Type of inputs: Positive/negative controllable inputs (5-24 V DC)
Recording duration: 0,0749999999999979 h
Outputs: 4 transistor outputs (OP), negative switching, max. current output 100 mA / 12 V DC per output
Width: 150 mm
Inputs: 8
Remote access:
Housing material: ABS
Height: 115 mm
Length: 30 mm
Max. operating temperature: 55 °C
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Net weight: 0,345 kg
Configuration (1): Menu
Tamper monitoring:
IP protection class: 32
Voltage monitoring:
DC voltage supply: 10,5-28 V
Language of instructions: 5 languages (UK, DE, FR, NL, DK)
OSD language: 5 languages (UK, DE, FR, NL, DK)
Packaging language: 5 languages (UK, DE, FR, NL, DK)
Power consumption: 50 mA
Telephone number storage spaces: 10
Transmission method: Language, SMS
Transmission path: GSM, PSTN
Dialing mode: DTMF (multi-frequency method, tone dialing method)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x GSM/PSTN Dialer
  • 1x Installation material
  • 1x GSM antenna


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