Wired Motion Detector (Art. no. AZBW10000)

  • Passive infrared motion detector (PIR) for indoor use
  • Pet-immune optional: Ignores animals up to approx. 15 kg
  • Monitors entire rooms
  • High security: No blind spots thanks to anti-creep protection
  • Time-saving installation thanks to preconfigured, common resistor combinations for alarm and tamper monitoring on the detector, which can be conveniently set via jumpers (plug-in jumpers)

Wired Motion Detector (Art. no. AZBW10000)


PIR detector: Unobtrusive, effective, power-saving:
The wire motion detector is equipped with a passive infrared sensor (PIR). It detects human-induced heat movements in its detection field and reports any event to the alarm control panel.
Optional PET Immunity: For your beloved pet.
Optional "pet-immune" function, individually adjustable to 3 levels: distinguishes between humans and animals: Moving persons are reliably detected while pets weighing up to 15 kg are ignored. In rare individual cases, however, a lighter animal can also trigger the detector, e.g. if it moves close to the detector, jumps or flies. The ability to optionally configure animal immunity on the detector reduces complexity in planning, installation, and inventory management.
Technology and installation:
Optimal mounting location is in a corner, about 1.80 to 2.40 meters above the floor. The expected direction of travel of an intruder should be across the detector. The viewing angle is approximately 90 degrees, and the detection range (depending on the mounting height) is up to 18 x 18 meters. Thanks to the new spherical lens design, the detector detects even more reliably and offers significantly more uniform coverage. Thanks to integrated anti-creep protection, the detector has no blind spot and also detects persons directly below its mounting position. Use the jumper to set the sensitivity of the detector. With its integrated, common resistor combinations, which are configured by means of jumpers, the wiring to the alarm control panel is flexible and quick.

Art. no.: AZBW10000
Areas of usage: Indoors
Installation: surface mounting
Depth: 45,5 mm
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 65,4 x 86,8 x 45,5 mm
Connections: NC, 100 mA, 24 V DC
Width: 65,4 mm
Type of detection: Heat detection
Adjustable sensitivity:
Detection range of detector (m): 15 m
Housing material: ABS
Height: 86,8 mm
Pulse selector:
Power consumption: 0,081 W
Max. operating temperature: 55 °C
Installation location: Wall
Net weight: 0,08 kg
Tamper monitoring:
DC voltage supply: 9-12 V
Status display:
Power consumption: 11 mA
Creep zone:
White light filter:

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Wired Motion Detector
  • 1x pet mask


Motion detectors

The IR motion detectors of the ABUS Terxon alarm systems reliably react to body heat in the room. The pet-immune versions are suitable for pet owners. Professionally installed, they detect intruders, enabling fast intervention to protect your property. ...
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