Terxon SX Starter Set (Art. no. AZ4298)

  • Ideal starter set for wired alarm systems
  • Includes control panel, siren, motion detector, 2 opening detectors and 50 m alarm cable
  • Can be flexibly extended at any time
  • With 8 freely configurable zones

Terxon SX Starter Set (Art. no. AZ4298)

Terxon Alarm System SX as a starter kit
The Terxon SX starter set contains all components for effective protection. If required, the system can be expanded at any time. The Terxon SX starter set offers all the advantages of the Terxon SX. 8 freely programmable zones are available for installation.
Effective sabotage protection
The ninth zone is the sabotage zone. Only NC detectors can be connected. The type of wiring can be freely selected. The indoor siren is included in the package and has its own reserved zone on the main board.
Convenient activation/deactivation via code
In addition to the Alarm Panel, the heart of the system, a control Panel for activating and deactivating the Alarm Panel as well as a motion detector and 2 magnetic contacts are included in this kit.

Art. no.: AZ4298
VdS class: none

Zum Produkt
Art. no.: AZ4000
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 240x240x85 mm
Connections: 230 V screw terminal, 13.8 V screw terminal, loudspeaker, zone-screw terminal, 11 x switching outputs
Number of control panels: 4
Number of users: 16
Number of wired zones: 8
Number of events: 250
Number of tamper zones: 1
Display: Two-line LCD alphanumerical display
Battery type: 12V DC, 7.0 Ah lead rechargeable battery
Width: 240 mm
Event log: Yes
Extensible (hybrid): No
Remote configuration: No
Housing material: Alarm centre: Metal, control unit: ABS
Height: 240 mm
Integrated siren: Yes
Communication/alarming: Only compatible via external dialer: AZ6301, AZWG10020
Length: 85 mm
Max. number of control panels: 4
Max. operating temperature: 40 °C
Max. battery charging time: 24 h
Max. humidity: 75 %
Max. run time on backup power: 12 h
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Net weight: 2,45 kg
Backup power supply: Yes
Configuration (1): Via control panel
Tamper lines: 2
Tamper monitoring: Yes
Switching outputs: 3 x 500 mA transistors, 8 x 50 mA transistors, freely programmable
Security level: 2
Fuse: 230 V / 250 mA; 12 V: 1 A fast; battery: 2 A fast
Voltage monitoring: Yes
AC voltage supply: 230 V
OSD language: 11 selectable languages
Power consumption: 200 mA
Partitions/surveillance partitions: 4
Environmental class: II
Certifications: INCERT
Zone closure: NC, DEOL

Zum Produkt
Art. no.: BT2070
Approval no.: G 112110
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 151x65x94 mm
Rechargeable battery type: Lead gel
Width: 151 mm
Height: 65 mm
Capacity: 7,2
Charging cycles: up to 1000
Length: 94 mm
Net weight: 2,54 kg
DC voltage supply: 12 V
Certifications: VdS

Zum Produkt
Art. no.: SG1681
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 122x73x43 mm
Flashing frequency: 2 Hz
Width: 122 mm
Housing material: ABS
Height: 73 mm
Length: 43 mm
Power consumption: 2,4 W
Luminous color: Red
Illuminant: 4 x Light bulb
Max. operating temperature: 50 °C
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Installation location: Indoors and protected outdoor areas
Sound pressure: 100 dB
IP protection class: 34
DC voltage supply: 12 V
Power consumption: 200 mA

Zum Produkt
Art. no.: FU7350W
VdS class: none
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 11x12x48 mm
Connections: NC, max. contact capacity 100 V/5 W/0.05 A
Width: 11 mm
Type of detection: Magnetic field measurement
Stray-field protection: No
Housing material: ABS
Height: 12 mm
Cable type: 2-core
Cable length: 2 m
Length: 48 mm
Installation location: Integration / surface mounting
Sensor type: Read contact

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Terxon SX Alarm Control Panel
  • 1x Flashing light and siren, red
  • 1x Alarm cable, 8-core, 50 m
  • 1x VdS battery, 12 V, 7.0 Ah
  • 1x Xevox Eco motion detector
  • 2x Opening detector, 2 m, 2-core, white
  • 1x User manual

Products included:

Terxon SX wired alarm panel

ABUS Terxon SX – security for small properties and houses. The compact panel is the ideal model for getting started in the world of wired alarm technology. With optional modules, the alarm panel can be extended to include additional outputs and functions. ...
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