Door chain SK79 W B/DFNLI (Art. no. 03969)

  • Main entrance doors and flat entrance doors
  • A high security Door Chain, specially designed for doors with glass panels, narrow aluminium or PVC frames
  • Internal and external locking

Door chain SK79 W B/DFNLI (Art. no. 03969)


  • Hardened chain
  • Child-proof safety catch: Only a key will operate the lock
  • Rotating quality 4-pin tumbler cylinder
  • Visible chain length: 15 cm
  • Incl. two keys
  • Easy to use


  • Finishes: silver, white
Technical drawing
Art. no.: 03969
Level: 6
Article group: 09
Packaging: blister packaging
color: white

These abbreviations have the following meanings:

  • B/SB: blister packaging for self-service
  • EK: single box
  • gl.: one-key-fits-all (one key for multiple products)
  • vs.: individually keyed (only the keys supplied for that product will work)

ABUS uses colours similar to the following RAL colours: white: RAL 9016, brown: RAL 8014, silver: RAL 9006.

RAL colours are standardised colours, whereby a unique number has been assigned to each colour. This ensures exact reproduction of colours e.g. during painting, varnishing etc. and no variations. As such, the colour of the additional window lock or additional door lock can be matched exactly to the colour of the window frame.

Door chains

The ABUS door chain prevents strangers and uninvited guests from gaining access to your home or property. The door chain gives you the opportunity to open the door just a crack at first before anyone can enter directly. ABUS has a wide range of models of door chains, including attractive and elegant solutions to meet all needs. ...
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