Door closer 8103

Safely closed: Your house and flat doors with a width of up to 1.10 metres can be closed continuously and safely with this door closer. With the retrofitting of an additional DIN plate, it is also suitable for fire doors.
  • Comfortable door closer for smooth closing of the door
  • For all doors that are not supposed to or not allowed to remain open
  • DIN-tested: Tested and confirmed security

Door closer 8103


Reliable door closer for doors that should not be open.

For fire doors, door closers are relevant to safety, because they must always be self-closing in accordance with regulations. But your house and flat doors can also be closed securely with this closer. The door closer is suitable for doors up to 1.10 metres wide. Its closing force is continuously adjustable via the adjusting screw and the linkage hinge. Opening the door up to 180 degrees is still possible after fitting the closer. An additional DIN plate is available for closing fire doors.


  • Tested according to DIN EN 1154, closing force EN 2 - 4
  • Closing speed can be adjusted using the valve regulator
  • Closing force can be adjusted individually by screw and hinge of arm
  • Self-regulating opening load to protect against damages
  • 2 closing ranges: 180° - 15°; 15° - 0°
  • End latch adjustable by arm
  • Door can be opened up to 180°
  • Dimensions: 225 x 40 x 60 mm

Operation and use:

  • For main entrance doors and apartment doors
  • Suitable for door widths up to 1100 mm
  • Can be used DIN R / DIN L
  • Suitable for fire exit doors in Germany, DIN EN1154A
  • Quick and easy fitting


  • Finishes: brown, silver, white
  • Fitting plate available optionally
Door closer 8103 V white 
Art. no. 10647

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 1972 g
Door closer 8103 V brown 
Art. no. 10648

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 2081 g
Door closer 8103 V silver 
Art. no. 10646

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 1942 g


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