Electrical door opener ET50 CLC/DFNLI (Art. no. 21530)

Quickly mounted, easy to use and, above all, safe: This electric door opener protects your door against unauthorised entry with a break-in resistance of over 300 kilograms.
  • Direct or alternating current of 8 to 14 V
  • Power consumption of 0.7 A at 12 V AC
  • Resistance of 12 Ohm at 12 V AC

Electrical door opener ET50 CLC/DFNLI (Art. no. 21530)


The demands on an electric door opener are high. It must be easy to use and safe. This door opener will satisfy you.

Electric door openers are a convenient purchase for apartment buildings and businesses. They can be opened easily at the touch of a button. But they must also be secure and able to deny access to unauthorised persons. This electric door opener combines ease of use and safety. It can be easily aligned with the latch of the mortice lock used, is easy to mount and has a break-open strength of 3,000 Newton, which corresponds to over 300 kilograms. It can also be used universally for DIN right and DIN left doors.


  • Rated voltage 8 - 14 Volts, suitable for AC/DC
  • Standard version with latch adjustment
  • Power consumption: 0,7 A bei 12 V AC
  • Electric resistance: 12 Ω bei 12 V AC
  • Resistance against attacks 3.000 N

Operation and use:

  • Universally suitable for DIN right and left doors
Technical drawing
Art. no.: 21530
Packaging: skin pack
Version: without mechanical unlocking
Voltage: 8 - 14 V
color: schwarz


Electrical door openers

Electric door openers from ABUS unlock the door at the press of a button without it being necessary to open the door in person. Preferably a door opener comes at front doors of apartment buildings, commercial properties or at business to use. The ABUS range covers a variety of door openers. All ABUS door openers can be used universally for DIN left and right-opening doors.  ...
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