ABUS HomeTec Pro: Unlocking is a thing of the past!

The days of the Wild West are long gone – nowadays, the modern cowboy opens his front door at the touch of a button.

Press the button of the remote control – and the door opens by itself

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Instead of having to frantically get hold of your keys while loaded with shopping bags and crates of drinks, today’s smart cowboy presses the button of the remote control and the door opens by itself. By inputting the code, the wireless keypad, which is available as an option, provides the perfect opportunity to go on a trip - without having to bring the remote control with you. Assembly is really simple and quick.

No special cylinder required –  simple incorporation into an existing locking system

A particular plus point is that the ABUS Home Tec Pro can be built in without needing to use a special cylinder. So you can integrate it into an existing locking system. The only requirement is that the door cylinder must be a cylinder with an emergency and danger function. This function is extremely important. As it ensures that you can unlock your front door with your normal house key, when required. In addition, there should be a cylinder projection of at least 7 to max. 12 millimetres on the inside so that the HomeTec Pro can be built in quickly without any problems.

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ABUS HomeTec Pro – Open doors at the touch of a button:

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