Wireless keypad HomeTec Pro CFT3000

Tap and open: You can use the wireless keypad to open your doors, which are locked and unlocked by HomeTec Pro lock drive CFA3000. The buttons are illuminated, making it easier to enter a door code.

Wireless keypad HomeTec Pro CFT3000


The modern extension of your electric door opener.

Quickly mounted, very easy to operate: With the wireless keypad, you can add a useful gadget to your HomeTec Pro door lock drive. By installing the device, you can open your doors without having a remote control with you. The backlighting of the keypad ensures trouble-free entry of the door code, even in the dark.


  • Backlit display with high-quality touch screen
  • Easy and wireless installation
  • Maximum security due to AES-128 bit encryption
  • Power supply by battery (4 x AA batteries included)

Operation and use:

  • For extended use and additional configuration of the HomeTec Pro central unit
  • Very easy to use: lock/unlock and open the door by entering a code
  • Enables access authorisations to be granted


  • Colours: silver, white
Wireless keypad CFT3000 S 
Art. no. 10126

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 309 g
Wireless keypad CFT3000 W 
Art. no. 10125

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 307 g

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