Wireless window power unit HomeTec Pro FCA3000

Wireless window power unit with alarm function, for opening and closing patio doors at the touch of a button
  • For patio doors for installation on the inside of the door
  • Ease of use: locks and unlocks the patio door at the push of a button or by entering a code
  • Easy, flexible and cable-free installation: unscrew the window handle, screw on the wireless window power unit

Wireless window power unit HomeTec Pro FCA3000

Lock your patio door behind you, easily and securely at the touch of a button. Why not leave your house or apartment through the patio door? It may be that you're planning to spend some time in the garden, take your dog for a walk or simply go for a jog. The HomeTec Pro wireless window power unit makes it possible for you to lock the patio door behind you by pressing a button or inputting a code. ABUS is launching a world first onto the market in the shape of the new wireless window power unit, which provides you with security and convenience in equal measure. The power unit can be controlled using the wireless remote control or by entering a code using the optional keypad. The mechanical closing of the door via the handle remains possible.


  • Optimum ease of use thanks to optional wireless remote control and/or wireless keypad
  • Maximum security through AES 128 bit encryption
  • 3D alarm sensor system triggers a 110 dBA alarm as soon as a break-in attempt is detected
  • Fully automatic pairing of the power unit
  • Mechanical closing remains possible, electronic control works even when the locking cylinder is pressed in thanks to dual drive

Operation and use:

  • Opening and locking the patio door at the push of a button or by entering a code


  • Colours: brown, white, silver

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