Fire Protection – saves lives

Too many people lose their lives each year in fires. Fortunately the number of victims has fallen in recent years – thanks preventive fire protections such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishing spray.

Smoke alarms and extinguisher spray

We want you to feel secure. That’s why we have developed reliable fire protection solutions against potential risks of everyday life. Smoke alarms and heat detectors by ABUS alert you loudly in case of fire, with the ABUS extinguisher spray one fight incipient fires quickly, easily ad effectively.

How does a smoke detector work?

ABUS smoke detectors use the optical principle. The internal measurement chamber in the smoke detector contains a light diode and a photo element. The light diode regularly sends out flashes of light that do not hit the photo element under normal conditions. If, however, there is any smoke in the chamber, light rays are deflected. They will then land on the photo lens. The photo element connected to the alarm then sounds.

The sensitivity of the alarm must be set with extreme precision to prevent simple dust particles from sounding the alarm, while also ensuring that any smoke caused by a fire will be detected with 100% reliability. Once smoke has been detected, additional measurements are taken to determine if there is still smoke in the chamber before the alarm sounds.

Smoke detector in normal condition ©ABUS
Smoke detector – when smoke enters © ABUS

Smoke alarms

In many countries smoke alarms include to the basic equipment of a home or are even required by law. With ABUS smoke detectors, you will always be on the safe side. You have a choice ...


Wireless smoke alarms

ABUS wireless smoke alarms are linked together without cables. If one alarm is triggered, all the other wireless smoke alarms within range will also sound. In case of emergency, the alarm ...


Feuerstopp – fire extinguishing spray

Universal fire extinguisher spray AFS625 for use at home and on the go With a new design and improved product features, the new universal spray has replaced its two predecessors, FLS580 ...


Hazard detectors

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Fire blanket

The ABUS LD118 Fire blanket can be used to reliably extinguish smaller incipient fires from chip pans and deep-fat fryers or burning clothes. 


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