Fire Extinguishing Spray FLS580 Home (Art. no. 54824)

  • Suitable to extinguish incipient fires of the classes A,B and F
  • Fire Class 5A: solid and non-melting substances
  • Fire Class 21B: liquid and melting substances
  • Fire Class 5F: Cooking oils and fat
  • Also for use to extinguish electric devices up to (distance min. 1m)

Fire Extinguishing Spray FLS580 Home (Art. no. 54824)


  • 580 ml highly effective extinguishing spray
  • Easy to use like a conventional aerosol sprayer
  • Spraying distance (max. dist. Between source of fire and operator) up to 4m
  • Duration of spraying approx. 25 seconds
  • Approved by the German company MPA (Dresden) for GS mark according to British Standards BS6165:2002 (for classes A, B) and EN3-7 (for class F and electrical conductivity)
  • Weight: approx. 900 g brutto
Art. no.: 54824
Article group: 20
Packaging: single carton


Fire extinguishers

With the ABUS extinguisher spray you can fight quickly and easily incipient fires. A forgotten candle, a cigarette or a pan of hot cooking oil can quickly start a fire that leads to significant damage or even a life-threatening situation. What begins as a small fire can become a serious danger within fractions of a second. If you waste time in this situation, you usually have no chance of fighting the fire safely. Intuitive fire-fighting With ...
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