Carbon monoxide detector COWM300 (Art. no. 37241)

  • Detection of carbon monoxide in private homes
  • In rooms with combustion devices (fireplace, boiler room, gas hobs, flow-type heater)
  • Already alerts of low concentrations
  • For Bedrooms
  • Wall- or desk-mounting

Carbon monoxide detector COWM300 (Art. no. 37241)


  • 7 year-sensor (electro-chemical)
  • Display shows current CO-concentration
  • Peak level memory
  • Audible and visible alert
  • Test- and mute-function
  • Monitored area up to 60 m²
  • 9V monobloc battery
  • „Low batt“-signal
  • Complies with European Standard EN 50291-1
  • 85 dB alert
Art. no.: 37241
Article group: 20
Packaging: individual box
Version: CO alarm
Weight: 333 g
color: white

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