Smoke Alarm RWM90 (Art. no. 89520)

The RWM90 reliably warns you in the case of a fire or smoke and therefore can save your life!
  • Reliably warns you of fatal smoke
  • Recommended installation locations: bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms and corridors
  • Incl. 3 volt lithium battery, 5 year battery life

Smoke Alarm RWM90 (Art. no. 89520)

The ABUS smoke alarm RWM90 triggers an alarm as soon as any smoke particles enter the measuring chamber.

It covers up to 40 m² in a room and warns with an 85 dB alarm of dangerous and odourless smoke gas. This enables you to get yourself and your family/cohabitants quickly to safety in the event of a fire. Thanks to the large, user-friendly test button, the smoke alarm can also be tested easily in rooms with high ceilings, e.g. with a broomstick. A beeping sound warns you when the lithium battery runs low. With the optional mounting set ABUS Magnetolink® 8000, no roof drilling is required.


  • Detection range: up to 40 m² in a room
  • A loud 85 dB alarm
  • Replaceable 3 volt lithium battery CR123A
  • Warning when battery level is low
  • Regular self-testing with automatic error message
  • Hush function for 9 minutes
  • Verified in accordance with DIN EN 14604
  • Up to 5 years battery life

Operation and use:

  • Suitable in bedrooms, children’s rooms, corridors, etc.


  • Check that it functions every four weeks!
Art. no.: 89520
Article group: 20
Packaging: individual box
Version: Stand-Alone smoke detector
Weight: 189 g
color: pure white

Smoke alarms

In many countries smoke alarms include to the basic equipment of a home or are even required by law. With ABUS smoke detectors, you will always be on the safe side. You have a choice between optical smoke alarms and smoke alarm/heat detectors. Optical smoke alarms measure the visible smoke particles in a measuring chamber and trigger the alarm. The smoke heat detector combines the measurement of the optical smoke alarm with a precise analysis ...
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