Smoke Detector RWM450 wireless (Art. no. 09417)

  • Bedrooms, children’s rooms, corridors
  • Tip: Check the functioning every four weeks
  • Several smoke detectors can be linked wirelessly (via radio)
  • In the event of one alarm being activated, all other alarms within range will also be set off

Smoke Detector RWM450 wireless (Art. no. 09417)


  • Frequency: 868,3 MHz
  • Radio range 400 m (+/- 10 %) in the open
  • Firmly installed 3V-lithium-battery with a lifespan of 12 years
  • „88 dB“ alarm
  • CE according to 1772-CPR-150087
  • Quick and clean assembly without drilling
  • Alert for smoke + heat
  • Compatible with kitchen use
  • Repeater function
Art. no.: 09417
Battery: With fixed 3V lithium battery
Packaging: single carton
color: pure white

Wireless smoke alarms

ABUS wireless smoke alarms are linked together without cables. If one alarm is triggered, all the other wireless smoke alarms within range will also sound. In case of emergency, the alarm will be transmitted from detector to detector – and you will be alerted reliably. This increases the security of your home and your family. Our motto here is: "all for one, one for all" Keep yourself safe at home in every way you can. Ideally, wireless ...
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