Socket cover JC2216 EMMA CH set of 16 (Art. no. 90111)

Stick your finger in the socket for a moment out of curiosity? This is what EMMA, our socket cover, prevents!
  • Discreet, unobtrusive design

Socket cover JC2216 EMMA CH set of 16 (Art. no. 90111)

Protect sockets

Just reach into the socket? With our EMMA socket cover, nothing bad can usually happen.

Under power? As soon as babies crawl, nothing is safe from them. And of all things, sockets with dangerous current are often installed so low that they are directly accessible to small children. And since babies are curious by nature, they also like to stick their little fingers in. How good it is that with EMMA, our socket cover, worse things can usually be prevented. Equally practical: EMMA can only be removed with the special lock supplied so that it is firmly mounted in the socket and children's hands cannot easily remove it. Included in delivery: two special locks for 16 socket covers.


  • Content: 16 x socket protector, 2 keys

Operation and use:

  • Protects children from electric shocks
  • Childproof: can only be removed using a special lock
  • Suitable for Swiss sockets.
  • Suitable for Danish sockets.
Art. no.: 90111
color: weiß


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