Corner guard JC3700 ROBIN set of 4 (Art. no. 90096)

Plugged in and stuck: The ROBIN corner guard secures table edges and protects children's heads.
  • The extra large designed impact absorber protects very well against dangerous, sharp corners
  • Easy to mount thanks to supplied adhesive pad

Corner guard JC3700 ROBIN set of 4 (Art. no. 90096)

Absorb impact

Our ROBIN corner guard is transparent and has extra impact protection to absorb a collision even more safely.

Ouch, that hurt: Ever bumped your knee against the edge of the living room table or caught your hip on the edge of the chest of drawers? Exactly. Then you know what we are talking about. And especially delicate children's heads should be particularly protected from hard edges on tables, chests of drawers and the like. We recommend: Attaching our corner guard ROBIN to such places. It has extra shock protection and absorbs impact very well.


  • PVC-free
  • Content: 4 piece

Operation and use:

  • Suitable for table tops from 18 mm thickness.
  • Also suitable for the corners of chests of drawers, window sills etc.
Art. no.: 90096
Weight: 38 g
color: weiß

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