Door stop/damper JC5401-03 MINA

No more jammed fingers: Thanks to the MINA door stop/damper, doors always remain ajar.

Door stop/damper JC5401-03 MINA

Keeps doors open

MINA door stop/damper fixed to the door, and it can no longer slam shut because of a sudden gust of wind.

Simply attach our MINA door stop/dampener to the top or side of the door – preferably high enough so that your bundle of joy can't reach it. This way, passageways always remain open a crack, even if there’s a strong gust of wind. Little fingers or baby toes do not get caught in the door. If there is about ten millimetres of space under the door, you can also use MINA as a classic door stop and fix it under the door. It is also practical, you can take MINA with you everywhere: on holiday, to friends or family.


  • Product tested according to EN 16654:2015
  • For door panel thicknesses from 30 to 50 mm
  • PVC-free

Operation and use:

  • The door stop holds the door open a crack and so reduces the risk of injury.
  • Can also be used as a door wedge due to the pointed shape. Door panel must have approx. 10 mm clearance from the floor covering.
  • Cushions doors and windows when closing to prevent fingers becoming trapped


  • Colour: Grey (anthracite)
  • Available in sets of 1, 2 and 3

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