Rain cover for prams JC6420 TESSA (Art. no. 90102)

Protection in road traffic due to reflective hem and protection from rain in one: Simply put the TESSA rain cover over the pram.
  • Reflective edging increases visibility in the dark

Rain cover for prams JC6420 TESSA (Art. no. 90102)

Stayed dry!

This keeps your bundle of joy dry: If it's raining outside, our TESSA rain cover keeps wetness away from your baby.

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing? This also applies to the pram. So that your little bundle of joy stays dry, even when it's storming, raining or snowing outside, simply put our TESSA rain cover over the carry-cot, the pushchair attachment or the buggy. Through a small opening, you can adjust your darling's cap or look for the lost dummy at any time. For safety, TESSA rain cover has reflective hems. This way, you and your baby will be better seen in poor visibility in autumn, fog or cloudy weather, at dusk or in otherwise difficult lighting conditions.


  • All-round reflective edging ensures that you and your baby are seen even better in the dark by car headlights and other road users.
  • Large ventilation hole for very good air circulation and access to the child in the pram
  • Small canopy over the opening provides additional protection
  • Elastic band at the bottom fixes the rain cover in place
  • Free of PVC and plasticisers, odourless

Operation and use:

  • Robust protection from rain, snow and wind
  • Reflective hem for added safety at night and in twilight conditions
  • Fits all buggies and prams with carry-cot or pushchair attachments
Art. no.: 90102
Weight: 341 g
color: transparent


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