Tick protection JC8320 JAN (Art. no. 90129)

JAN tick repellent helps protect your child against tick bites in tall grass or on walks in the great outdoors.
  • Made in the EU

Tick protection JC8320 JAN (Art. no. 90129)

Help against ticks

Our tick protector is a good aid on walks in the forest or elsewhere in the great outdoors to protect your child against ticks during the warm months.

Nasty critters: Ticks lurk everywhere in the green - preferably in the undergrowth, in tall, unmown grass, in the foliage or on riverbanks. Especially in spring and summer, when temperatures rise, ticks are very active. To protect your baby and yourself against ticks, it helps to wear closed, light-coloured clothing and to avoid walking in tall grass or undergrowth. Our tick protector JAN serves as a very effective protection against the eight-legged arachnids during walks or hikes in the great outdoors. The small handy device emits ultrasonic waves that people, dogs or wild animals do not perceive. However, they affect ticks in their orientation. Simply clip JAN onto the pram, your key ring or your toddler's jacket and you're done.


  • Emits a series of ultrasonic pulses that are not perceptible to humans, dogs or wildlife, but affect the orientation ability of ticks
  • Integrated battery
  • Size: approx. 4 x 3 x 1.5 cm compact

Operation and use:

  • Protects against ticks without using chemicals and emitting sounds or odours
  • At normal temperatures, the unit can be operated for approx. 6 to 12 months (around one season)


  • Simply hook onto an item of clothing using the key ring provided
Art. no.: 90129
color: grau

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