Bath thermometer JC8730 EMIL analogue (Art. no. 90112)

Our ocean blue bath thermometer EMIL has a practical colour scale that shows at a glance whether the water is in the comfort zone.
  • Easy to read scale in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Bath thermometer JC8730 EMIL analogue (Art. no. 90112)

Splash, splash!

Blow foam across the bathroom and splash water on the aunt: This is what makes bathing really fun!

When bathing, it's all about the right temperature. Because baby skin is much more sensitive than that of adults. And when our ocean-blue bath thermometer EMIL climbs into the green colour range, every child knows that the water is in the feel-good zone: namely between 30 and 38 degrees Celsius. So ideal for splashing around! (And for mopping up, too, of course)


  • Measuring range from 0 to 50 °C.
  • Without plasticisers (bisphenol A) and mercury

Operation and use:

  • Easy recognition of the comfortable water temperature for children by means of a temperature scale displayed in colours
Art. no.: 90112
color: blau

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