Fireplace guard JC9500 FELIX (Art. no. 90113)

Protect your child from fireplaces etc. with our fireplace guard FELIX.

Fireplace guard JC9500 FELIX (Art. no. 90113)

Secure fireplaces etc.

Keep children away from hearths and other fireplaces with our FELIX fireplace guard.

Babies, toddlers and preschool children often know no fear of contact or first have to learn that they have to be careful of some things. Therefore, additionally secure your hearth or fireplace so that nothing happens to children. Among other things, FELIX can be permanently mounted on the wall. To be able to step directly up to the hearth or fireplace to add wood, you can open and close FELIX using a flexible element.


  • Incl. 5 panels and brackets for wall mounting
  • Total length: 375 cm
  • Height of the fireplace guard: 74 cm
  • Total length of all elements: 375 cm
  • Distance between the bars: approx. 60 mm
  • Distance between the bars: approx. 60 mm

Operation and use:

  • Secure dangerous areas in an instant, for example a fireplace, a special area in the home and more, to prevent your child from being endangered
  • Can also be used to limit the movement radius of dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and other pets
  • Easy operation of the door (cf. stair gate)
Art. no.: 90113
color: grau

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