Compact stair JC9514 BEN (Art. no. 90126)

Our BEN door and stair blind can be quickly rolled out between doors and passageways to close them safely from children.
  • Memory function – once you have set the maximum possible width, the blind is only rolled out to this dimension.
  • Barely visible when open and hardly any reduction of the passageway
  • Additional mounting kit included for mounting at another location (in the house, at grandma's etc. )

Compact stair JC9514 BEN (Art. no. 90126)

Secure passages quickly and inconspicuously

Our BEN door and stair blind can be quickly rolled out and fixed between doors and passageways.

Do you need to quickly secure the way to the cellar or another corridor? Or wider passages up to 1.40 metres? This is no problem with our BEN door and stair blind. Simply roll out as needed and secure the passage. Thanks to the memory function, you can set the maximum width of BEN directly when installing it for the first time, so that the door and stair blind automatically rolls out exactly to that width the next time. When you no longer need BEN, you can roll it up again in no time with the automatic return mechanism. You can also simply unhook BEN and place the blind in another location or take it to another room and hang it there. The second fastening set for such purposes is included free of charge. So you can use our door and stair blind flexibly at several passages or use one at the grandparents' house. The net reaches up to 85 centimetres in height and 140 centimetres in width.


  • Tested according to European standard DIN EN 1930:2011
  • Maximum width of doors/passages: 140 cm
  • Extra high net (approx. 85 cm)

Operation and use:

  • Suitable for stairways and passages up to max. 140 cm


  • To compensate for any existing height differences due to skirting boards, we recommend the use of bases JC9518 BEN.
Art. no.: 90126
color: grey/black


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