The planning and realization of a locking system

From professional to professional
A responsible planning is the foundation for a safe and functional locking system. A large number of characteristics have to be considered.
Security, organization and special features have to be considered in advance. Future extensions have to be taken in account as well, because a locking system is not only designed for the actual condition of a building. A foresighted planning enables future extensions easily.
Our partners work with us hand in hand and have the required expertise to assist you in all respects. Therefore, you can trust in the professional project planning and implementation by a system partner of ABUS.
We would be glad to assist you in selecting a suitable partner and help you with advice and support. Please contact us!

International assortment

From the central locking system up to the grand master keyed system
ABUS shows profile - international profile.
America has other locking habits than Germany. Asia locks differently than Europe. In each country there are specific differences and factors that require an individual solution.
When it comes to the assortment diversity, we take any challenge and answer it with international solutions - "Made in Germany"!

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