Padlock brass T84MB/40 SB (Art. no. 00805)

This lightweight brass padlock, the T84MB, is ideal for use where there is a lower requirement for security and severe weather conditions
  • Shackle and lock body made from brass
  • Double shackle locking
  • Automatically locking: lock without the key by pushing down the shackle

Padlock brass T84MB/40 SB (Art. no. 00805)


This 100% rust-free padlock is extremely weather resistant and therefore ideal for providing security on boats or in other outdoor environments.

The ABUS Nautic T84MB padlock has a solid brass lock body and brass shackle. Together with the internal components made of rust-free material, this lock is particularly suitable for outdoor use. Cupboards, lockers, bags, suitcases, boxes and cassettes, etc. can be locked with the Nautic T84MB. The padlock can be locked intuitively without a key simply by pressing down on the shackle.


  • Solid lock body made from brass
  • Double locking (from 30 mm)
  • Inner components made from rust-free materials
  • Self-locking: lock without the key by pushing down the shackle
  • Precision pin cylinder
  • Paracentric key profile for increased protection against manipulation
  • Includes two keys

Operation and use:

  • T84MB20 – T84MB30: protection of smaller assets and objects or those with a low risk of theft
  • T84MB40: security for assets and objects of medium value or where there is an average risk of theft
  • Ideal for severe weather conditions (e.g., in sea and port areas, for securing vehicles and boats in outdoor use)
  • Suitable for securing cupboards, lockers, bags, suitcases, boxes, cassettes, etc.


  • Sizes: 20, 30, 40 mm
Technical drawing
Art. no.: 00805
Level: 4
Article group: 13
Depth e: 17 mm
Height f: 60 mm
Horizontal clearance b: 20 mm
Key Blank: R 00681 L 00682
No. of keys supplied: 2 keys incl.
Packaging: blister packaging
Schließung: keyed different
Shackle diameter d: 6,5 mm
Vertical clearance c: 21 mm
Weight: 167 g
Width a: 43 mm
color: black
Padlock brass T84MB/50 black KD 
Art. no. 44433

Level: 5
Packaging: blister packaging
Weight: 206 g
Width a: 53 mm
Padlock brass T84MB/20 KD nautic 
Art. no. 01015

Level: 2
Packaging: single carton
Weight: 44 g
Width a: 22 mm
Padlock brass T84MB/40 SB
Art. no. 00805

Level: 4
Packaging: blister packaging
Weight: 167 g
Width a: 43 mm
Padlock brass T84MB/30 KD nautic 
Art. no. 01036

Level: 3
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 65 g
Width a: 32 mm



Brass is one of the most common materials for padlocks because it can never rust. Therefore, brass padlocks can be found in many different places all around the world and especially in outdoor applications. International range For decades the ABUS brand has been synonymous with padlocks of a wide variety of designs. A well-established product range that is designed for the needs of international markets underlines our worldwide expertise in ...
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