Hasp 138/150 GateSec™ Hasp (Art. no. 80901)

With our ABUS GateSec 138 hasp and a matching padlock, you can effectively secure roller shutters.

Hasp 138/150 GateSec™ Hasp (Art. no. 80901)

Solid stainless steel

Our GateSec 138/50 is recommended for use with roller shutters and provides effective protection against vandalism and theft.

In order to secure larger valuables and objects or if there is a high risk of theft, our GateSec 138/50 hasp is recommended for roller shutters - for example for loading bays, truck loading bays or car workshops where roller shutters are often used. Made of solid stainless steel and equipped with special concrete screws, the GateSec 138/50 effectively secures your valuables in combination with a Diskus padlock, for example.


  • Solid stainless steel, rust-free
  • Tensile resistance above 2.2 tons
  • Extremely flat surface mounting with 3 fixing points
  • Incl. mounting material
  • To be used with a padlock

Operation and use:

  • For use on roller shutters and garage doors
  • To be used on gates without rebate on floor
Art. no.: 80901
Level: 8
Article group: 2
Eyelet bore hole c: 11 mm
Length a: 150 mm
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 750 g
Width b: 68 mm
color: silver



The security rating of a hasp should always match the padlock. ABUS offers a wide range of high-security hasps which can be identified by concealed screws for example. Additionally hardened steel loops that take the shackle of the padlock are concealed inside the hasp and thus provide optimal protection against attempts to break the lock open. ...
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