6-Channel Network Digital Recorder (Art. no. TVVR36000)

  • Network digital recorder for individual configuration
  • Saves to 2.5'' hard disk drive (hard disk drive not included)
  • Simple and intuitive mouse operation
  • With 4 PoE (Power over Ethernet) interfaces for fast and easy commissioning of selected ABUS network cameras
  • Simultaneous administration of six 720p IP cameras (4 x PoE +2)
  • Recording via motion detection, following a time schedule or continuously
  • Mobile access via ABUS iDVR Plus app

6-Channel Network Digital Recorder (Art. no. TVVR36000)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

State-of-the-art recording technology
The 4-channel network digital recorder (4xPoE +2) with H.264 compression simultaneously records video images from up to six selected ABUS IP cameras at a resolution of 720p@25fps. Thanks to the highly efficient H.264 compression, the camera’s image data is saved in optimum quality, takes up little storage capacity and is ideally suited for network access. The recorder also has four PoE-enabled network connections: Up to four PoE-enabled cameras can therefore be connected directly to the recorder via the network cable and simultaneously supplied with power – two further cameras can be added via an available network.

Individual configuration – intuitive operation
Even beginners can easily set up the system – simply connect the cameras and monitor and you are done. Operation is intuitive and controlled by mouse. Recording is carried out manually, according to a schedule, or through motion detection as required. Data is exported rapidly via the two integrated USB ports. In addition, the live view, playback and data export can be carried out simultaneously (Triplex operation). The recorder has a VGA and HDMI connection for a clear display on any display device (e.g. monitor). The compact size (only 20 x 20 x 5 cm) means it is also ideal for use in areas with limited space, such as underneath a counter.

Worldwide access video data via web interface and app
Setting up the recorder via ABUS-Server (www.abus-server.com) means that a DDNS service can be used free of charge to access the recorder via the internet at any time. Access to live pictures and recordings via browser and app is possible, regardless of changing IP addresses.

Notes about the product:
The following cameras are only compatible with this recorder:
- TVIP11560 (PoE-enabled)
- TVIP21560 (not PoE-enabled)
- TVIP41560 (PoE-enabled)
- TVIP61550 (not PoE-enabled)
- TVIP61560 (PoE-enabled)
- TVIP82900 (PoE-enabled)

For 24/7 use we recommended the 500 GB hard disk drive TVVR30004H or the 1 TB hard disk drive TVVR36000H.

Art. no.: TVVR36000
Compliant with loi Sarkozy (FR only):
Total network throughput (input/output): (40/50) Mbits
Dimensions: 200 x 45 x 200 mm (W x H x D) mm
Alarming: Acoustic warning signal, OSD signal, e-mail
Views: 1/4/6
Number of users: 31
Audio: Line In: 1 x Cinch (2,0 V p-p, 1000 Ω), Audio Out: 1 x Cinch (600 Ω)
Recording resolution @ frame rate per camera (PAL): 6 x 720p @ 6 MBit/s
Recording modes: Manual, schedule, motion detection, alarm, motion detection and alarm, motion detection or alarm
User levels: 2
Operating mode: Triplex
Width: 200 mm
Storage: 2 x USB 2.0
Total frame rate (PAL): 25
Simultaneous network access: 128 camera connections
Height: 45 mm
Hybrid-enabled: No
Length: 200 mm
Power consumption: 10 W
Max. operating temperature: 50 °C
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Mobile access:
Monitor outputs: HDMI, VGA
Net weight: 0,8 kg
Network access: 1 x RJ45 10/100 Mbps
Network functions: Live view, playback, data export,
Network camera protocols: ABUS network cameras
Relay output: No
DC voltage supply: 48 V
Storage medium: 1 x 2,5''SATA HDD
OSD language: DE, UK, FR, NL, DK. PL, RU, SWE, IT, ES
Control: Mouse
Search modes: By event, date and time, smart search
Analog video channels: 0
Total video channels: 6
HD-SDI video channels: 0
IP video channels: 6
Pre-alarm/post-alarm memory: 0 - 900 / 5 - 900
Certifications: CE

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 4-Channel Network Digital Recorder
  • 1x Power supply unit
  • 1x USB mouse
  • 2x SATA cable
  • 1x screws for hard drives
  • 1x CD-ROM
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Quickguide
  • 1x network cable


  • Installation Software

    • ABUS IP Installer V9.4.4 Version: V9.4.4    Release date: 23.07.2019Filename: IP-Installer-Setup_V9.4.4.exeChanges:1.) Fixed: Firmware update function for various IP cameras, NVRs and DVRs faulty. Firmware update can not be started.
    • ABUS IP Installer v9.3.9 Version: v9.3.9 Release date: 05.10.2018Filename: IP-Installer-Setup.exe (ABUS_IP-Installer_V9.3.9.zip)Changes:1.) Passwort reset via XML File activated for: NVR100x0 / TVVR36300 / TVVR36400 / TVVR36700 / TVVR36800 / TVVR33005 / TVVR33009 and following cameras: IPCS82500 / IPCS82520 / IPCS83500 / IPCS82530 2) Updated product pictures for TVVR36300 / TVVR36400 / TVVR36700 / TVVR36800
    • ABUS IP Installer V9.2.2 Version: v9.2.2Release date: 13.06.2018Filename: IP-Installer-Setup.exe (ABUS_IP-Installer_V9.2.2.zip)Changes:1. Added passwort reset option for HDCCxxxxx, NVRxxxxx and TVVR products (over ABUS Technical Support Team)2. Fix: dialog correction for firmware update process3. Support new ABUS devices IPCS24500, HDCC90001, HDCC90011, HDCC90021, TVVR33005, TVVR33009
    • ABUS IP Installer v9.1.4 Version: v9.1.4Release date: 22.08.2017Filename: IP-Installer-Setup.exe (ABUS_IP-Installer_V9.1.4.zip)Changes:1. Removed ABUS VMS Express download link2. Added support for IPCB62500
    • ABUS CMS Win32/64 V2.6.6.75 Version: V2.6.6.75Release Date: 12.06.2019Changes:1) Number plate search function added. Compatible with ANPR camera IPCS62120 (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).
    • ABUS CMS Win32/64 V2.6.2.74
    • ABUS CMS v2.3.2 Version: v2.3.2Release Date: 02.03.2017File name: ABUS CMS.exe (TVSW11001_ABUS_CMS_v2.3.2_03-2017)Changes:1. Display issue within remote configuration for DDNS settings with ABUS-Server solved2. Added VCA function for object counting and picture search
    • ABUS CMS v2.02.24 Version: V2.02.24Release date: July 2014Filename: ABUS CMS Software (ABUS CMS Software V2.02.24_07-2014.zip)Changes:1. Compatible with the recorders TVVR30004 and TVVR36000
    • MAC OS X Plug-Ins (until Safari 11) Version: V1.5 (only until Safari Version 11)Release Date: 24.04.2018Filename: ABUS_Web_Plugin_V1.5From Safari Version 12 onward Brower-Plugins are not supported anymore. Please use ABUS CMS MAC OS.Changes:- Compatible with IPCS24500- Compatible with NVR10010, NVR10020, NVR10030, NVR10040 mit Firmware ab V.3.4.96- Compatible with HDCC90021, HDCC90011, HDCC90001- Replaces earlier PlugIn versions
    • DVR_NVR_IPC_MAC_OSX_Plug-Ins.zip
    • TVSW11001_ABUS_CMS_v2.3.1.50_11-2015.zip
    • TVSW11001_ABUS_CMS_v2.3.2_03-2017.zip
  • Firmware

    • Firmware_V2.3.8-Build171027 Firmware compatible to: TVVR36000 History Version: V2.3.8 Build170930 Release Date: 29.11.2017 File name: ABUS_TVVR36000_Firmware_V2.3.8-Build170930.dav (ABUS_TVVR36000_Firmware_V2.3.8-Build170930.zip) Changes • Improved the activation process in connection with the cameras TVIP11561, TVIP21560, TVIP41560, TVIP61560 (newest camera firmware required) Note:
  • Helper Software

  • MAC OS Software

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