Additional window security lock for single-leaf windows, with turning bolt, no drilling of the window wing



Practical assembly, without drilling into the window wing:

The ABUS 2410 additional window lock has a turning bolt and is only mounted on the window frame thanks to this. To lock, the bolt is simply swung onto the window wing; the key is required to open the security device. The additional lock can be used on the handle side of single-leaf windows made of aluminium, wood or plastic. You should secure the hinge side separately.


  • Fitting on the frame only
  • Strong hook-bolt lock
  • Incl. two keys

Operation and use:

  • For inward opening windows and patio doors
  • Lock with the hook-bolt lock, open with a key
  • Can be supplied keyed alike with a variety of other ABUS products
  • Suitable for all surface materials, such as wood, PVC and aluminium


  • Finishes: brown, white
2410 W EK 
Art. no. 89632

Level: 6
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 348 g
2410 B EK 
Art. no. 89624

Level: 6
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 348 g

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