Cellar grating lock GS20 B/SB (Art. no. 01281)

Shafts protected: This cellar grate lock with a tension rod of 345 millimetres protects your cellar shafts against prying open. The escape routes remain safe.
  • Ideal protection for gratings against being pried open
  • Tension rod and protective plug for screws
  • Fulfils emergency escape route regulations

Cellar grating lock GS20 B/SB (Art. no. 01281)


Cellar grate lock with tension rod and manipulation protection for screws.

Cellar shafts can quickly become a risk if they are not adequately secured. Protect your home with a reliable cellar grate lock. This security offers the basic protection against burglars. After assembly, the grating can usually no longer be levered open. The screws can be loosened manually and only from the inside, which still ensures an escape through the basement window. The fuse has a tension rod 345 millimetres long.


  • Screw covered from above
  • Round shield plates
  • Bar construction 345 mm length
  • Set of 2

Operation and use:

  • Standard protection for grills
  • Manually removable screws comply with existing emergency escape route regulations
  • To be fitted in pairs
  • Suitable for concrete and masonry
Technical drawing
Art. no.: 01281
Level: 4
Packaging: blister packaging
Version: paarweise
Weight: 621 g
colour: zinc plated

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