Lockable Window Handle FG110

Opens only with key: With this window handle, you lock your windows securely using a push button cylinder and reversible key. Opening is then only possible with a key.
  • Specifically designed for child safety
  • For windows made from aluminium, wood or PVC
  • Installed in place of the window handle

Lockable Window Handle FG110


Protect your windows with this lockable handle.

Whether for the safety of your children or for protection against burglars: This lockable window handle makes your windows more secure. The window handle replaces the conventional handle of aluminium, plastic or wooden windows. Its push button cylinder with reversible key can be reliably locked. Opening the window is then only possible by means of a key.


  • 7 mm square bolt, distance of screws 43 mm
  • Push button cylinder with reversible key
  • Incl. one key, triples incl. three keys

Operation and use:

  • Can be used on standard inward opening windows in place of the window handle
  • Also suitable as a child-proof lock
  • The handle is locked by pushing in the cylinder, open with the key


  • Finishes: brown, white, silver


Lockable window handles

A locking window handle is mainly used for child safety, but with certain break-in methods it can also serve as security products for windows. Especially for parents, locking window handles of this sort are a good idea because they can control which windows children can open. As the handles are available in a keyed-alike version, you only need one key to unlock all your window handles. Some window handles, e.g. the FG 300, are designed in ...
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