Reinforced window bar FPR217

Secure your windows with this square profile security door bar. The transom can be installed without drilling into the window frame.
  • Ideal for renters – window sashes and frames do not necessarily have to be drilled
  • Visible security – a big deterrent factor for potential intruders

Reinforced window bar FPR217


Secure your windows with a security door bar that can be installed without drilling into the window.

A security door bar on the window creates a high level of security. But what if you are not allowed to damage the windows by drilling into them, e.g. if you live in rented accommodation? The square profile transom can be fitted without drilling into the window. It is suitable for almost all common window types. The visibility of the security door bar provides a high deterrent factor against potential burglars.


  • Securing handle and hinge side with only one product
  • Lock without key, open with key
  • Locking cell inconspicuously integrated into the lock body
  • Burglary protection due to sturdy stainless steel square profile
  • Including wall bracket for convenient storage
  • We offer special accessories for special installation situations
  • VdS and DIN-certified

Operation and use:

  • Fits nearly all common window types
  • Suitable for single-, double- and multi-casement windows
  • Available as keyed alike with other ABUS window locks


  • Three basic lengths: 100 cm, 150 cm, 225 cm
  • Colours: Stainless steel, white
Reinforced window bar FPR217 225 W kd. 
Art. no. 77822

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 5256 g
Reinforced window bar FPR217 100 ER kd. 
Art. no. 77817

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 2611 g
Reinforced window bar FPR217 100 W kd. 
Art. no. 77818

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 2589 g
Reinforced window bar FPR217 150 ER kd. 
Art. no. 77819

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 3500 g
Reinforced window bar FPR217 150 W kd. 
Art. no. 77820

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 3692 g
Reinforced window bar FPR217 225 ER kd. 
Art. no. 77821

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 4951 g

Reinforced window bar

The reinforced window bar FPR217 offers full width security, for almost every window and every window type. The first of it's kind! FPR217 is visible from the outside. Burglars are effectively deterred. The stable stainless steel square profile offers high protection from burglary and its form is unique on the market. Its extensive accessories make FPR217 suitable for various installation situations. ...
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