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ABUS protects mobile property and offers products and services for mobile security. Our portfolio includes bicycle locks, bicycle helmets and bags, motorcycle locks, locks and safeguards for your boat and ATV/four-wheeler/snowmobile, and load securing equipment.

Bike safety and security

Whether you want to secure your bike against theft, protect your head in a fall with a bike helmet or simply transport a few items without damaging them. ABUS provides the right solution ...


Motorbike / Scooter

Whether you ride a 125, a scooter, a shopper or a sports bike – ABUS has a wide selection of clever security solutions for you: both mechanical devices and the increasingly popular ...



When you want to secure your boat or trailer against unwanted interference, ABUS offers the right solution. From outboard motor locks to securing the cabin door. Click your way through the ...


Quad / ATV / Snowmobile

An increasingly large number of sports enthusiasts use this four-wheeled type of motorised transport because of the great driving pleasure it provides. To ensure that this enjoyment lasts ...


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OEM products by ABUS

Quality Made in Germany and just-in-time delivery – our focus on these two core competencies has made us a key partner for a large number of bike manufacturers worldwide. more

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