Bordo Lite 6050

  • Good protection at low to medium theft risk
  • Recommended for securing good bicycles

Bordo Lite 6050


  • 5 mm bars with a core of light steel and synthetic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle's paintwork
  • Silicone cover for the lock body with "soft touch" properties
  • Link construction allows compact folding
  • The bars and the lock body are made of particularly light materials and ferrous alloy
  • Bars are linked with special rivets
  • Premium cylinder for high protection against manipulations, e.g. picking
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock


  • Easy transport thanks to a practical bag
  • Flexible mounting with non-slip velcro straps or screws at the bottle holder device


  • This lock can be ordered keyed alike to other locks. This means several locks would match one key, respectively key code
  • Bordo family: Ideal combination of resistibility, weight and transport size
Art. no.: 51800
Level: 7
Colour: black
Weight [g]: 650
circumference [cm]: 85
Carrier: transport bag incl.


6050/85 black
Art. no. 51800

Level: 7
Weight [g]: 650
6050/85 red 
Art. no. 52639

Level: 7
Weight [g]: 650
6050/85 white 
Art. no. 52640

Level: 7
Weight [g]: 650
ST 6050+6150/85 
Art. no. 52909

Level: 4


Folding locks

With the Bordo, ABUS has revolutionised the bicycle lock and established an entirely new type of lock – the folding lock. The bike locks of the Bordo family offer features that have not been provided by any other design to date. Light-weight flexibility in a compact design. These features are shared by all of the various folding locks in the extensive Bordo family. From the high security Bordo X Plus, through the classic Bordo, to the ...
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