Steel-O-Flex 690/75 Shadow (Art. no. 43305)

The ABUS Microflex 690 Shadow provides protection against theft with a steel cable encased in overlapping shells and also looks great in the process.

Steel-O-Flex 690/75 Shadow (Art. no. 43305)


The first thing every thief thinks when they see the stylish Microflex 690 Shadow is that this cable lock is no joke.

15 mm thick, overlapping steel shells encase the inner steel cable, providing you with double protection against theft. The ABUS automatic cylinder is particularly resistant to drilling. And the practical reversible key makes it easy for you to open and lock the device. You see: From its security to its user-friendliness and sleek design – with the Microflex 690 Shadow, everything just fits together perfectly.


  • 15 mm thick overlapping steel chains protect the inner steel cable
  • Synthetic coating to prevent damage to the paintwork
  • ABUS automatic cylinder with anti-drill protection and user-friendly reversible key
  • Two keys are included in the scope of delivery

Operation and use:

  • Great protection for when there is a low risk of theft
  • Recommended for securing entry-level bicycles and children’s bicycles


  • Thanks to the steel shells, Steel-O-Flex™ locks offer significantly greater protection compared to simple cable locks as well as increased flexibility (double protection)
Art. no.: 43305
Article group: 04
Carrier: without bracket
Locking type: key
Weight: 560 g
design color: black
diameter: 15 mm
length: 75 cm



At ABUS, the name Steel-O-Flex stands for cable locks with high flexibility and double security. The steel cable is covered in overlapping shells made from toughened steel, like scale armour. As a result, its resistance to attempts to break it open is increased significantly, while its weight only increases slightly and its flexibility remains largely intact. This means that it is easy to attach any vehicle to a fixed object. ...
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