Paris-Roubaix is the most famous spring classic race in the cycling calendar

ABUS is both a sponsor and an official partner of this prestigious one-day race with its legendary sections of cobblestones is fuelled with passion and emotion.

Indeed no other event symbolises the difficulty and effort of cycle racing more than the Paris-Roubaix. A victory at the so-called “queen of the classics” elevates the winner to a hero-like status.

Paris-Roubaix – a legend of the cycling circuit & ABUS – the specialist for security.

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» When two classics meet, there is no compromise – Paris-Roubaix and ABUS are strong partners with long traditions. «

Paris-Roubaix 2017 is over – what a race, what a team, what a helmet!

With carrying the new aero helmet in the hardest classic the  ABUS GameChanger has passed the ultimate stress test. Felicitation and respect to Movistar Team around Jasha Sütterlin for the great race, the goose bumps and the unforgettable moments at the fastest Paris-Roubaix ever.

To keep the atmosphere a little longer in mind – here some pictures of the last few days.

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Interview on the 115th Paris-Roubaix

By ABUS with Jasha Sütterlin (24, Movistar Team): 

„You have to have racing in your soul“

The forest of Arenberg, Mons-en-Pévèle and Carrefour de l’Arbre are names which stir the blood of cycling fans, and the riders are no exception their adrenaline is sure to be pumping in anticipation of the 115th Paris–Roubaix.

On Sunday the race will set off from Compiègne near Paris until it has reached the Roubaix velodrome: a trek across 257 challenging kilometres of which 55 are over cobbled streets known as "pavés" scattered throughout 29 different sectors. As the weather forecast is looking good, (20 degrees, dry and just a slight breeze), experts are expecting a particularly quick and hard race. There's no doubt that the “queen of the classics” will once again show how beautiful but relentless she can be. 

Jasha Sütterlin (24), from the Spanish Movistar team, knows what's in store for him and his team mates.

He says, "Paris-Roubaix is simply a brutal battle from the start of the first pavé to the end!"

And what is it that you get out of this suffering? "It's an indescribable feeling when the spectators along the route are cheering you on, it just gives you goosebumps," explains Sütterlin, who comes from Freiburg. "I think that each and every rider who reaches the velodrome is a winner!"

Pain, agony and the release at the end are what dreams are made of at Paris-Roubaix. "I grew up with cycling and watched as many races as possible on television," remembers Sütterlin, who won the bronze medal in the team time trial at the Road World Championships in 2015. "Even then I dreamed of one day starting the Paris-Roubaix."

This is now his fourth time taking part, but the race is a breed of its own. "You hardly have time to look at your bike computer to see how many watts you are currently pedalling. It is extremely important to be cycling in the right place at the right time and to watch the favourites so that you can cling onto them," Sütterlin says. "The Queen" tests the instincts of the cyclists, in particular their motivation, their endurance and also their fighting spirit when riding over the cobbles. According to Sütterlin, "in Roubaix you can never give up, and the most important thing is that you need to love racing and have it in your soul!"
This German's skills will be pushed to their limit on Sunday, when he will have to give his all in the gruelling elimination race over 257 kilometres, whilst also being careful not to neglect his duty to his team. "I love my job and if Nairo or Alejandro are able to transform their work into victory, then the whole team is happy. Everyone in the team has a job and ultimately we win together and we lose together."
The 24-year old has set himself a challenging target:

"I want to do well over the pavés and I think that finishing in the top 20 could be possible. In order to do that, I'll need to find the right group at the right time."

Paris-Roubaix also presents particular challenges for the equipment:

choosing the right tyres and tyre pressure is a science in itself. Sütterlin is not so worried. He wants to stay relaxed and says, "visiting the course in the days leading up to the event is extremely important for this race. And I can always think about it more while I am there." When it comes to head protection, Sütterlin knows that he is in safe hands for this race, which see lots of falls. "I trust our helmet sponsor completely. I know that I can rely on ABUS 100 per cent and I don't have to worry about the quality of my head protection," he says. In addition to safety, ABUS has achieved great things in terms of weight and aerodynamics with its new helmet GameChanger. As Sütterlin says, "every rider is trying to be that crucial watt quicker than his opponents and aerodynamics plays a big part in that."

„That one watt can ultimately be the difference between victory and defeat.“

The 24-year old is looking forward to Sunday and the support of his parents, friends and fans. "It really motivates me and gives me a lot of inner strength," he says. Like many professionals, Sütterlin has his own special ritual when preparing for a race: "I always put my number on my jersey the night before using gold safety pins, and I use precisely eight pins for each number. It's my lucky charm!"