European Cycling Day: 3 June 2016

European Cycling Day: 3 June 2016

Cycling is good for you, good for the environment and also great fun!
Whether you use your bike to get to work, go shopping or just enjoy going for a spin at the weekend, for many people spring marks the start of cycling season.

A bike pays for itself after only a small number of kilometres and those who get in the saddle on a regular basis know that, after a short while, you grow to love your trusty companion. For this reason, as well as protecting yourself by wearing a cycle helmet for example, protecting your bicycle is also extremely important. After all, no one wants to just give their bike away – especially to a thief!

We have put together some practical tips to help prevent your bicycle being stolen.

Six tips to help you protect your bicycle

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1. Keep your bicycle in a well-lit and populated area.

Thieves avoid light and people. At night, it's generally best to keep your bicycle secured with a bike lock and in a locked room (e.g. a basement or garage).

2. A frame lock is not enough.

Bicycles secured with just a frame lock are often simply taken away. Wherever possible, you should attach your bicycle to a fixed object using an additional lock (lamppost, street sign etc.).

3. U-locks and armoured cable locks are particularly reliable.

U-locks and armoured cable locks 'made in Germany' have proven particularly reliable. This is confirmed by various quality marks from international test institutes.

4. Good locks have their price.

A few euros can’t buy safety. The police recommend investing ten percent of the value of your bike in a good lock, so steer clear of the cheap ones!

5. Always have your bike lock with you.

Even the best lock has no chance if it isn’t taken with the bike. Today, there are practical solutions for carrying bike locks with you securely and comfortably, such as the patented ABUS KlickFix or TexKF bracket system. It is important to get the right advice to ensure that your bicycle and lock fit together perfectly. Only specialist dealers can provide this.

6. Use professional systems and protect your bike from picking.

Locks are not only broken using brute force (bolt cutters), but also using special tools for lock cylinders (picking). Professional systems like ABUS PLUS also protect against intelligent picking methods.

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