Yadd-I: The team at 4Granfondo has tested the latest helmet of 2017!

At the start of the year, the team at 4Granfondo – one of the leading magazines in Italy for the cycling industry – tested one of the top bicycle helmets from ABUS, the Yadd-I model, newly released in 2017.

Thanks to its testers, the technical editorial team have written up an in-depth analysis on both the technical aspects, in particular the model's new innovations, and the design aspects.

Avant-garde, yet stylish:

The most obvious characteristic of this helmet, as verified by our testers, is its unique polygonal design and minimalist lines, not to mention the numerous colour combinations available in either a matte or gloss finish

Yadd-I Blue

Attention to detail:

In addition to the extraordinary design, a further testament to the work that has gone into the Yadd-I
is the removable fabric visor.
This, alongside its other finishing touches, places the Yadd-I in both the urban and sports helmet categories.


Packed with innovations:

Particular attention was paid to the Forced Air Cooling technology, an intelligent ventilation system that ensures excellent thermoregulation for your head, while maintaining the helmet's closed, aerodynamic shape.
Another big innovation is the Soft Tune system, which guarantees an extremely adaptive fit thanks to the elastic element at the back of the fastener.

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