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Intro International Men’s Day 2016 - best day of the year! © shutterstock - Anchiy

International Men’s Day is back on 19 November. It was first established in Trinidad and Tobago and has taken place annually since 1999. 

Aims of International Men’s Day: to improve well-being and strengthen male role models

One of the aims of International Men’s Day: the stronger sex should be paying more attention to their health and general well-being. Another aim is to foster male role models.

So, men, make sure you look after yourselves! You can get started at home: make it secure, together with your son, nephew or grandson.

More than enough reason for us to offer a few suggestions:

GameChanger. Let´s change the Game

The ABUS GameChanger is the ultimate aerodynamic helmet for professional cycling and high performance riders. It redefines aerodynamics. Its unique airflow shapes have been developed in close collaboration with the cyclists on the Movistar team with the goal of defeating the natural enemy of any cyclist – headwinds.


The GRANIT™ 37RK/80. For the highest security standards.

Real men have high expectations when it comes to security. Just like the GRANIT™ 37RK/80. For the ultimate securing of valuable items, warehouses or doors.


The hasp. 130 GRANIT – fits the lock like a glove.

Can’t use a padlock?

No need to panic: anything is possible with the Hasp 130!


Smart men secure their home using an app. With the Smartvest.

Smart men secure their home using an app. With the Smartvest.Accessing the   Smart Security World could not be easier: home automation functions, integration of up to 32 wireless components and four video cameras. Installed and controlled conveniently using an app on your tablet or smartphone.


NutFix™. A small, colourful screw plug? No, a small miracle against thieves!

You leave your bike locked to a lamppost and come back from an evening with your best mates to find your wheels and saddle have been stolen. NutFix™ now offers the ultimate solution for this.


PR2700: “You can’t come in here!”

This doorman, the PR2700 reinforced lock, will keep everyone out.

It has impressively robust mechanics, low-wear drive components and creates minimal noise during operation. What’s more, the extendible tube body can be adjusted to fit door panels of varying widths.


797 KeyGarage. The practical way to store your key.

Come home later than planned? Wife and children already asleep? Lost your key?

With the KeyGarage, key problems are a thing of the past: just enter a pin code, open, take out the key and you’re in.


148TSA. The perfect lock for customs officials and for keeping petty thieves at bay.

Are you a frequent traveller, either for business or with your wife?

Secure your luggage against petty thieves, and ensure customs officials can open your luggage easily. The 148TSA is your ideal solution for this.


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