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ABUS is your specialist partner in property security, not only in the home but also while travelling. Mechanical locks, alarm systems and video surveillance ensure your home stays safe. Travel locks keep your luggage safe from casual thieves on your trip, while locks for bicycle helmets, motorcycles and bicycles protect you and your machine when touring during the holidays.

Presenting: practical products for your trip!


The ideal locks for your trip

Love Lock 600 ©ABUS

Your personal souvenir padlock at your holiday resort

‘love locks’ are on everyone's lips. There is scarcely a bridge where you will not find a large variety of designs with individual love engravings and names. A romantic custom for lovers to immortalise their love for each other. But have you ever thought about what else you could do with these colourful padlocks? How about leaving a padlock behind as an everlasting souvenir on your next holiday?

You are sure to find the right place for your souvenir padlock.

Turn your ‘love lock’ into a ‘souvenir padlock’: simply have your name, date and travel destination engraved on your padlock and take it with you in your suitcase or rucksack. You are sure to find the right place for your lock at your holiday destination – whether it's on a dam at Möhnesee in Sauerland or on the Rialto Bridge in Venice. Who knows: perhaps you, your children or your grandchildren will find your lock many years later?

About Love Locks 
About our colourful 72LL/40 locks

The code is particularly easy to set


Combination Lock 165

Practical for any trip: The body of the  combination lock 165 is made of brass with a steel bracket. The combinations are particularly easy to set as the lock bracket is sprung. The lock secures your suitcases and bags reliably against casual thieves. All you need to do is remember a number code.

Available in different sizes.

The travel lock for the USA


Combination lock 148TSA

Practical, especially for trips to the USA: The combination lock 148TSA can be opened by security services with a special TSA key. While conventional locks can be broken by personnel without prior consultation.

The 148TSA secures your suitcases and bags reliably against casual thieves. All you need to do is remember a number code.

The 147TSA is a smaller alternative

The elegant suitcase lock


Combination lock 155

The elegant lock for travelling: The  combination lock 155 consists of a sturdy zinc die-cast housing and a steel bracket. The lock secures your suitcases and bags reliably against casual thieves. All you need to do is remember a number code.

Available in different sizes.

The classic made from aluminium


Combination lock 145

Practical for any trip: The combination lock 145 made from lightweight aluminium secures suitcases, bags, rucksacks, and also tool boxes or lockers reliably against casual thieves. All you have to do is remember an individual number code.

Available in different colours and sizes.

Have you seen our lock gallery?

Turn a colourful padlock into a holiday souvenir padlock! Take a photo of yourself holding it and send it to us at Preferably with details of where you took the photo.

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Bicycle or motorcycle? All-round security for you while travelling.

Love that feeling of freedom in the spring sunshine?

True bikers know the importance of having the right lock!

Are you a biker who enjoys long rides in the summer? But you also want to make sure your bike is safe during a break or overnight stop?

Then ABUS has the perfect solution for safeguarding your favourite possession. Take a look into the world of motorcycle locks and special locks.

Motorcycle security

Love that feeling of freedom in the spring sunshine? © ABUS

Kids on bikes: Protect kids' heads when they fall

We also want to make sure our children are protected, when navigating potentially dangerous country lanes on holiday. The products must be child-friendly, comfortable and, of course, safe. The rule applies from an early age: safety first. The helmet belongs on the head, the lock on the bike.

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Let's go on holiday: You must always take a bicycle helmet with you!

Whether you are going with your partner or the whole family. When you're bringing a bike with you, you mustn't forget to bring the right helmet.

From the urban City helmet for short trips or a ride to the next town, to the sporty helmet for a trip to the seaside, through to the high-end sports helmet: ABUS offers innovative bicycle helmets with good ventilation, a high level of wearing comfort and individual head adjustment.

Bicycle helmets from ABUS


Bicycle thieves never take a holiday:

this is why you must protect your bike while travelling!

Put your trust in our lock when you lock your bike. For this reason, as well as protecting yourself by wearing a cycle helmet for example, protecting your bicycle is also extremely important. After all, who wants to lose their bike on holiday?

ABUS covers the whole spectrum of bike security from high-quality U-locks, to chain, and cable locks, right through to folding locks – we offer the ideal bike lock for every eventuality.

ABUS bicycle locks


Be sure that your house stays safe while you are on holiday:

‘Holiday time is burglary time.’

The holiday season: The most beautiful and most carefree time of year beckons with pure joie de vivre! We give you practical safety tips for the all-round protection of your home during your summer holiday. After all, an unsecured house is an invitation for thieves.

Video surveillance: Can you keep an eye on everything? Of course!

Far away and yet still close by: Would you like to check who is ringing your doorbell and whether everything at home is OK while you're on holiday? Would you like to be able to check everything is OK, regardless of where you are in the world? Would you like to deter vandals and intruders and, if worse comes to worst, record conclusive images? Then modern surveillance cameras are exactly the right solution for you to identify wrongdoers and put a stop to their game.

Video surveillance from ABUS enables you to quickly pinpoint any danger and protect your home. You will find the right video solution for your specific requirements and budget in our wide range of cameras and accessories.

About the products

© ABUS Video surveillance
© ABUS Secvest wireless alarm system

An alarm system is a guard dog for your home

An alarm system ensures effective protection. It reliably detects dangers, while simultaneously acting as a deterrent. But ABUS alarm systems do even more: They warn of the outbreak of fire and thus prevent fire damage. They call for assistance in medical emergencies or in the event of attacks and protect against technical damage by water. The Secvest wireless alarm system from ABUS offers double-acting protection against intrusion as our mechatronic solutions are positioned exactly where intruders would otherwise have easy pickings. ABUS mechatronics combine compact mechanical safeguards with intelligent electronics. They turn windows and doors into insurmountable hurdles for intruders. Unique protection you can only get from ABUS worldwide.

Alarm systems are the ideal security manager thanks to their intelligent software and hardware. Statistics show that an alarm system is the best deterrent for three-quarters of all potential intruders: more versatile than any mechanical safeguard, less open to bribes than any watchdog.

About the products

Are you travelling? Open the door via an app so a friend can water your plants!

Under certain circumstances it is necessary to gain urgent access to your house or company when you are travelling. Often, a hidden key is the solution and an uneasy feeling is the consequence. Electronic locking systems from ABUS such as wAppLoxx offer a good solution for this and turn your house into a veritable strongroom.

You can use the system in your own home, for example to grant cleaners access to the house, even when no one is home, also with time limits, if desired. You can also use the app to open doors remotely to people you know and trust.

About the products

© ABUS wAppLoxx

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