The ABUS Secvest hybrid module: wireless goes wired, wired goes wireless

The Secvest hybrid module scores well both in existing Secvest alarm system installations and in new buildings. © ABUS

AFFING – 18 June 2019 – The Secvest hybrid module can optimally combine the advantages of wireless and wired alarm technology in new buildings. Existing Secvest alarm system installations from the current product portfolio in the private or commercial sector benefit from extended options for house control, video surveillance and access control. In new buildings, the advantages of wireless and wired alarm systems can be used. The Secvest hybrid module is now available to the market.

The Secvest wireless alarm system is a worldwide unique alarm system due to its combination option with mechatronic detectors, the wAppLoxx access control system and IP cameras. With the Secvest hybrid module, Secvest now has a wide range of new functions and areas of application, for example through the integration of home automation such as shading systems. The module not only makes the Secvest attractive in existing alarm system installations, but also offers numerous advantages for new buildings in which wired alarm systems have been used up to now.

Innovative upgrading of existing buildings

Wireless goes wired: Up to two Secvest hybrid modules can be integrated into each Secvest alarm control panel and the alarm system can thus be upgraded by a total of up to 20 wire detectors and 8 relay outputs. This increases the range and multiplies the application areas of existing alarm systems. This makes it possible to monitor further parts of buildings or extensions afterwards, which is equally attractive for commercial properties as well as SMEs.

Combining the advantages of wireless and wired alarm technology in new buildings

The Secvest hybrid module also scores well in new buildings: In conjunction with existing wire alarm components, it forms the bridge to wireless alarm technology. In this way, for example, pre-wired windows can be integrated into new buildings, and wireless and wired detectors can be individually combined depending on the room situation and object requirements. With the 48 wireless zones of the Secvest, even places that are difficult to reach can be served.

The home becomes a Smart Home

Thanks to the Secvest hybrid module, the home is not only safer, but also smarter: the control of the garage door, roller shutters and house electrics, such as light and heating, can be integrated into the alarm system. High security requirements with maximum convenience – integrated security technology also plays a major role here: the system can be conveniently controlled via the Secvest App.


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