You have already booked your holidays? Then secure your luggage with an extra padlock!

To avoid your holiday experience being spoiled:  Make sure your luggage is secure! © mimagephotos

Your holidays can begin: it's time to relax, go on an adventure and have some fun. Just close the door behind you and leave your stress at home. Whether you are taking a trip to the Baltic Sea, Lake Wörthersee or the South Seas. Or whether you are going paragliding, water skiing or on a bike tour in Münsterland. It is important to enjoy yourself and be carefree to truly be able to switch off.

Padlocks prevent thieves from opening suitcases and stealing objects in a matter of seconds

To avoid your holiday experience being spoiled: make sure your luggage is secure. Mark your suitcase with an eye-catching strap, then you will be able to find it immediately at baggage claim. A lock on your suitcase prevents it from being opened quickly and deters thieves. This means that nobody will be able to gain access to your clothes, valuables and other luggage in a matter of seconds.

Practical: Locks with a number combination

Simply purchasing a number combination lock means you don't have to worry about the possibility of losing your key.

The colourful 145, the 146 in the shape of a miniature suitcase, the classic 155 or the robust brass lock from the 165 series all represent the perfect solution. We highly recommend a TSA lock from the 146TSA, 147TSA or 148TSA series for your luggage, especially for trips to the United States of America. This makes it easy for the Transport Security Administration (TSA) to inspect the luggage as they can open and close the locks again with a TSA key without causing damage.

This enables you to start your holiday feeling relaxed and you have all your belongings with you as planned. Whether you're going swimming, taking a city tour or dining at a restaurant in the evening.

Your very own lock to remember!

Take a photo of your memory lock – and send it to us! © refresh(PIX)

"LoveLocks" are what everyone is talking about. You will find a wide variety of locks featuring unique engravings with confessions of love and names on almost every bridge.

Love locks: romantic custom for lovers 

This is a romantic custom for lovers who immortalise their love to one another with a lock. Have you actually thought what else you could do with these colourful padlocks? Wouldn't it be great if you were able to leave behind a lasting memory of your next summer holiday in the form of one of these padlocks?

You will no doubt find just the right place for your memory lock!

Why not turn a "LoveLock" into a "memory lock": Simply have your name, the date and the destination engraved and put it away in your suitcase. You will certainly find a suitable place for your lock at your holiday destination – whether it be on a bridge in London, Paris, Cologne or Rome. Who knows, maybe you, your children or your grandchildren will find your personal lock again years later.

Our tip:

Take a photo of your memory lock – and send it to us at We will then add it to our lock gallery!

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