Locking cylinder installation made easy

Our short video provides an introduction to how you determine the cylinder dimensions and how you install a locking cylinder.

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Vitess locking system: how it works

Just keep it simple: how the modular mx-cylinder can be conversed easily. 


The Vitess locking system - for a high level of security at an unbeatable price

The Vitess system can be extended at any time, giving you the flexibility to make changes at a later stage. The fact that the lock cylinders are developed and produced in Germany guarantees premium quality and a long product service life.


System Bravus: no compromises

How the system Bravus makes sure that exclusively the right key matches: watch out the video!


System Bravus: Conversion of the length of a modular MX cylinder

You only need a fixing screw: Watch out how easy it is to converse the length of a cylinder!


Altering Bravus MX

MX – secure, quick, easyAltering the Bravus.2000 MX from 30/30 to 30/40


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