WLX Transponder white Mifare DESfire EV1 (4K Security)

ABUS Transponder white MIFARE DESFire EV1 (4K Security)


The battery-free RFID key fob is the identification medium for ABUS access control systems and other ABUS security systems based on MIFARE® DESFire®. It serves as a locking medium for all wAppLoxx and TECTIQ systems, additionally it enables the operation of other ABUS security systems, such as the Secoris intrusion detection system. Thanks to 13.56 MHz RFID technology, these security systems can be operated conveniently, securely and contact-free. The transponder itself presents itself in a very robust condition and is perfectly suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications (IP68). With the pre-programmed ABUS "security application", the highest level of copy and manipulation protection is additionally guaranteed on a MIFARE® DESFire® 4K EV1 technology basis.

Product advantages

  • Attractive RFID key fob (MIFARE® DESFire® 4K EV1)
  • Contactless opening of all ABUS wAppLoxx and TECTIQ door components
  • Operation of other ABUS security systems, e.g. Secoris burglar alarm system
  • Highest copy and manipulation protection with pre-programmed ABUS security application
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP68)
  • Easy management thanks to consecutive numbering
  • Sturdy design


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
Area of application: Locking medium for ABUS access control systems (wAppLoxx & TECTIQ)
Colour: white
Design: Keyfob
Dimensions: 36,5 x 45,3 x 5,5 mm
Gross weight: 0,09 kg
Height: 45,3 mm
IP protection class: 68
Item abbreviation: T-MIF-DES-4K Security-W
Material: Novodur (body), polished stainless steel (frame)
Max. operating temperature: 50 °C
Min. operating temperature: -20 °C
Net weight: 0,06 kg
PSTI conformity required: No
Programming technology: RFID (13,56 MHz)
RFID conformity: ISO 14443
RFID frequency: 13,56 MHz
RFID technology: MIFARE® DESFire® EV1, EV2, EV3
Reader type: MIFARE® DESFire® 4K EV1 (70pf)
Security features: Copy and read protection through MIFARE® DESFire® + ABUS security application
Transponder conformity: Passive transponder ISO 14443 A (MIFARE® DESFire®)
Transponder encryption: AES 128-Bit
Transponder programming: Access control software and card reader
Width: 36,5 mm
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