chain lock Goose Lock 4204K/85 black Key

Goose Lock 4204K

The dimensionally stable Goose Lock features a unique housing design, IvyTex coating and specially hardened steel for the good feeling of security and a special feel. 

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The ABUS Goose Lock bike lock nestles elegantly around the bike frame and then stays in the desired shape.
With the Goose Lock, ABUS has developed a dimensionally stable bike lock that is also highly appealing to the eye and to the touch, and features impressive colouring and design technology. With a diameter of 28 mm, the tube of the Goose Lock 4204K is 12 mm narrower than the Goose Lock 6206K, making it particularly handy and flexible. The lock body is also arranged at right angles for more convenient locking and greater range. The tube is made up of several components: the 4 millimetre thick steel chain, the gooseneck, the foam cover and a durable coating made of IvyTex fibres. The steel chain is made of specially hardened steel.
The term "gooseneck" refers to two metal spiral springs wound together that ensure the dimensional stability of the lock. This allows the lock to be bent into the desired shape and wrapped tightly around the bicycle frame. The foam ensures the unmistakable feel of the lock and rattle-free transport. Excellent protection against abrasion and scratches is provided by the durable, highly flexible coating made of IvyTex synthetic fibres. The lock is available in different colours - for an individual colour statement to match any bike.


  • 4 mm thick chain with functional, durable and highly flexible textile fibre coating 
  • Dimensionally stable and flexible chain lock with textile feel 
  • Durable coating provides strong protection against wear 
  • The chain is made of specially hardened steel 
  • Can be locked quickly and without a key 

Mounting and transportation

  • Thanks to the gooseneck, the lock can be wrapped securely around the bike frame and transported silently. No additional holder required. 

Operation and use

  • Good protection for medium theft risk
  • Recommended for securing good bikes and e-scooters


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Locking type: key
design color: black
color of facets: black
Weight: 710 g
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